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CASCADE Command Menu


Commands appear across the top of the CASCADE display and provide access to the various functions CASCADE can perform for you. The following command categories exist in the current version of CASCADE:

provides access to information about the current status of the group, document, activity, etc., and provides some rudimentary tools related to working with others.

menu allows actions on documents, including editing current document, creating new document, importing document, deleting document, comment summary reports, printing the current document or the document and its comments, reading or sending mail, and ghostview.

allows customization of the CASCADE colors, setting color preference in color palette, seeing color code in color legend, selecting fonts for the display window and editor, and finally selecting project on CASCADE.

allows you to move around easily and provide access to a docuverse which shows overview of the document space, a browser which shows a tree-like visual display of the directory/file structure, CASCADE root, log in root, and bookmark.

shows history of your session with most recent document on top. It allows you not only to return to a previous document but to return to the location in the document where you were last.

contains a number of options for the developers of CASCADE and for users of experimental components not yet ready for general use. There are four items under this menu choice, editres, POSIX, Xterm, SGML option, and Administrative stuff.

displays this information about using CASCADE

leaves CASCADE.

Each of these is described briefly below.

Michael Spring
Fri Jun 27 17:00:29 EDT 1997