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The browser provides a tree-based visual display of the directory or document structure. The entire CASCADE window is used to maximize display space. Figure 29 is a sample screen. You can use the scroll bar to roll through the display. You can click on the nodes to change directories or to display documents. The nodes in this tree diagram are color coded in the same manner as items in the directory list:

Figure 29: Navigation Agent browses document and directory structure

The yellow node indicates a second or third level directory that contains a large number of entries. In order to avoid cluttering the display, these are summarized as the yellow node. Pressing on the node that is the immediate parent of this node the button to the immediate left will expand the yellow node and redisplay the screen. Immediate children of the highest farthest left node on the tree are always displayed.

The browser provides six buttons at the top of the display:

System Root
Displays the system root directory as the top of the directory tree.

Cascade Root
Displays CASCADE's starting directory as the top of the directory tree.

Personal Root
Displays your root directory as the top of the directory tree.

Takes you to the Docuverse at the top level of your current display.

Provides assistance in using the navigation agent.

Returns you to where you were before starting the navigation agent.

Michael Spring
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