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Session Analysis

This menu choice brings up a dialog window, see Figure 9, that allows you to select a single user. Having selected a user, a second listbox will open giving a visualized session data of user's session. Each horizontal line of the band corresponds to the individual session (the middel box of the upper listbox). To observe any key and button tracking (see Section 4) that were turned on, or to figure out how many key or mouse button presses were recorded, just select one of the individual sessions or click on a desired color band of the second listbox. A third listbox will open detailing that user's sessions. By referring to the color map box, you have a crude sense of the number of documents viewed and the number of comments typed. This function is under development.

Figure 9: Session Analysis showing Button and Key Presses for a Session

Michael Spring
Fri Jun 27 17:00:29 EDT 1997