Tentative Lecture Schedule


The tentative lecture flow will be as shown in the table. The course schedule is to be expected to change.





Week 1: Jan 8


Secure Software Development Models/Methods

(Reading Materials)

 (Intro, PDF)

(Lecture 1, PDF)

Week 2: Jan 15

Continue Lecture 6 Ö(from slide 38)

Secure Software Development Models/Methods (Building Security In) 

(Lecture 2, PDF)

Week 2: Jan 22

From Secure Coding in C and C++ (Seacordís Book)

Strings, Pointer Subterfuge

(Lecture 3, PDF)

(Lecture 4, PDF)

Week 3: Jan 29

Dynamic Memory Management (Seacordís Book)

(Lecture 5, PDF)

Week 4: Feb 5


Paper Presentations

A Model for Social Network-Enhanced Health Communication (Sheldon)

A Trust-Aware Tag-Based Privacy Control for eHealth 2.0 (Rahul)

Social networking applications in health care: threats to the privacy and security of health information (Angela)

Designing social networking sites for older adults (Jiaxin)

Ranking User Influence in Healthcare Social Media (Joel)

Design and Implementation of a Secure Healthcare Social Cloud System (Sal)

Week 4: Feb 12

Continue +

Race Conditions (From Seacordís) (+ Integer Security)

(Lecture 6, PDF)

(Lecture 7, PDF)

Week 5: Feb 19


Week 6: Feb 26

SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting

(Book: SQL Injection Attack and Defenses by Justin Clarke Ė available online)

Formal verification (Chapter 19 of Bishopís Brown Book)

(Lecture 8, PDF)

(Lecture 9, PDF)

Week 7: Mar 5

Java Security (Book: Enterprise Java Security Ö)

(Lecture 10, PDF)

Week 8: Mar 12

Spring Break

Week 9: Mar 19


UMLSec (Check papers / materials by Jan Jurgen: http://www-jj.cs.tu-dortmund.de/jj/csdumltut/tutorials.html)


(UML Overview) (Lecture 11, PDF)

Week 10: Mar 26

Project Update (rescheduled for Friday)


Week 11: Apr 2

Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing

(Guest: Hassan Takabi)

Readings: Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3


 Week 12: Apr 9


 (UML Overview)


(Lecture 10)


(Lecture 11)

 Week 13: Apr 16


 Week 14: Apr 23


 Week 15: Apr 30