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i3 Scholars will earn a stipend of $50.00 per day for meeting attendance requirements specified in the enrollment contract. Scholars will receive their stipend from the University of Pittsburgh via two checks, given to them after the first and third week of the Institute. i3 Scholars are eligible to earn a total of $1,200.00 in stipend payments during the Introductory Institute, and $600.00 for the Concluding Institute.

Important Financial Information

At registration, you will be given a WePay Card which will hold your stipend payments ($50 per day) and your dining vouchers. Check out the WePay FAQ's for more information on using your WePay Card.

If your banking institution does not have branches or ATMS in the Pittsburgh area, you will have to cash the stipend checks upon your return home. Please be aware of this situation and make the necessary arrangements for your stay. i3 Scholars are welcome to open free accounts with PNC, an institution with several branches/ATMs within walking distance of the campus.