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Alumni Spotlight

Elaine Gomez


Breaking into the Gaming Industry: Interactive Media, Museums, and Mentorship

Elaine Gomez, 2012 i3 Scholar

"We can use games and interactivity to create an experience people will remember. I see another future -- another way to assert myself as a designer and a person in this community."


Bradley Kuykendall


A Man on a Mission: Becoming an Influential Leader in Librarianship

Bradley Kuykendall, 2011 i3 Scholar

"[People] need to stay positive, keep their heads up, and vote. We have access to a wide variety of information, but now we have confusion between facts and alternative facts."


Xavier Dillahunt


Avoiding the Short Cuts: Building a Professional Career in Learning

Xavier Dillahunt, 2012 i3 Scholar

"Don’t be afraid to dive into the hard technical stuff early on. Experienced professionals are expecting you to be learning those skills in undergrad. If you shy away from it and wait until later in life, a lot more will be expected of you. Take this time to actually learn, because if you take short cuts, people can tell."


Nia Hampton


2016 i3 Distinguished Alumni Award winner, Fatima Noor, went from refugee to HCI researcher to White House staffer

Fatima Noor, 2014 i3 Scholar

"i3 exposed me to so much in such a short time that it was impossible not to challenge myself and expand my skill sets."


Nia Hampton


Building my plane, while learning to fly

Nia Hampton, 2013 i3 Scholar

"i3 taught me to take my ideas and knowledge seriously. It made me see myself as a professional."


Oliver Haimson


Thinking deep thoughts, helping others, and traveling the world: The perks of a career in research

Oliver Haimson, 2011 i3 Scholar

"At i3 our research was seen as important and valid to study. That is a big focus in the information sciences – at least the part of it that is interesting to me and I think a lot of other i3 Scholars -- I really get a sense that in information science, people care about helping others."


Hannah Hiles


"Let's talk about the books and the bees." Digging deeper with a graduate student, tech nerd, and graphic designer

Hannah Hiles, 2013 i3 Alumnae

"I saw the ways librarianship and technology connect, making that human connection while still creating and interacting with technology."


Twanna Hodge


What do the University of Washington, The Smithsonian, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have in common?

Twanna Hodge, 2011 i3 Alumnae

"My focus was to become a librarian, but I didn’t have a good enough idea of what graduate schools to attend."

Jamar Smith


Pursuing a Master of Information Management after i3

Jamar Smith, 2012 i3 Scholar

“I was planning to continue and get a masters in statistics and doing actuarial work...”

Jamar Smith


Making Sunburn

Toni Pizza, 2011 i3 Scholar

After graduating from NYU's graduate program in game design, Toni Pizza, 2011 i3 Scholar, has formed an indie game company and created Sunburn! The game was approved by Apple and will be available in the App Store starting November 20. 

Armanda Gonzalez


My iConference 2014 Experience in Berlin

Armanda 'Mandi' Gonzalez, 2012 i3 Scholar

From March 4th through March 7th, I attended the 2014 iConference in Berlin, Germany.