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Dining & Meals

i3 Scholars will have most meals provided throughout the Institute. On average, two meals are provided per day. Vegetarian/special dietary options and alternative dishes are also made available. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, breakfast will be served.

If a meal is not provided, scholars are given time to explore the many fantastic dining options offered near our Oakland campus. Scholars will use their WePay card to purchase food during these individual dining times. i3 Scholars may also purchase food from local convenience stores, grocery stores and farmer's markets. (Note: Each room in Mark A. Nordenberg Hall is equipped with refrigerator and microwave.)

For your convenience, please download our On & Off Campus Dining & Convenience Guide for more information on campus dining, grocery and other convenience options.

On days in which a guest speaker is scheduled for a formal dinner or luncheon, i3 Scholars should be dressed in professional attire. Weekends at i3 are less structured, providing i3 Scholars with free time to relax. One or two group meals are often planned at the iSchool or nearby restaurants.