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Recognizing the 2012 i3 Faculty Research Advisors


Special thanks to our faculty research advisors for mentoring the 2012 i3 Scholars through their year-long team research projects. i3 Faculty Research Advisors volunteered their time to advise a team of students over the course of a year, providing feedback and insights about the project. Each of these dedicated professionals has played a key part in the continued growth and development of i3, from delivering interactive workshops as guest lecturers to serving on program working committees. Most recently, with the help of their Faculty Research Advisors, four teams from the 2012 cohort successfully submitted their research posters to the upcoming iConference. On behalf of all the i3 Scholars, we thank you for your tireless support and dedication.

2012 i3 Research Advisors:

  Rosta Farzan, University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Sciences

  Lynette Kvasny, Pennsylvania State University, College of Information Sciences and Technology

  Courtney Loder, University of California at Irvine, School of Information and Computer Sciences

  Marisa Ramirez, California Polytechnic State University, Robert E. Kennedy Library

  Joe Sanchez, Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information

9 i3 Scholars to start grad school in Fall 2013


Fall 2013 marks a momentous occasion as 9 i3 Scholars from the 2011 and 2012 cohorts begin their graduate degrees at information schools across the country. The students join two other i3 alums--Ms. Toni Pizza and Ms. Marcia McIntosh--who have already completed their first year of graduate study with great success. i3 Scholars entering graduate school this fall come from a diverse selection of colleges and majors and bring a unique and valued perspective to the information sciences. Congratulations to these amazing i3 Scholars on their current and future success as information leaders.

i3 Scholars Admitted to Graduate Programs

i3 Scholar Cohort Undergraduate School & Major Graduate School & Program Graduate Program Entry

Clea Counts


Miami University of Ohio, English Language Arts Instruction

Drexel University, Masters of Library and Information Science

Fall 2013

Oliver Haimson


Carnegie Mellon University, Economics

University of California at Irvine, PhD in Informatics & Computer Science

Fall 2013

Twanna Hodge


University of Virgin Islands, Humanities

University of Washington, Masters of Library and Information Science

Fall 2013

Daniel Knopp


University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Political Science

Carnegie Mellon University, Masters of Information Science Management

Fall 2013

Bradley Kuykendall


Lincoln University, Business Administration and Library Science

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Masters of Library Information Science

Fall 2013

Marcia McIntosh


Washington University, English Literature and African Studies

University of Texas at Austin, Masters of Information Studies

Fall 2012

Toni Pizza


Colorado College, Sociology

New York University, MFA in Game Design

Fall 2012

Kristen Bowen


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Information Science and English

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Masters of Library and Information Science

Fall 2013

Xavier Dillahunt


North Carolina A&T State University, Economics

University of Pittsburgh, Masters of Information Science

Fall 2013

Elaine Gomez


Rutgers University, Information Technology and Informatics

University of Southern California, Masters of Interactive Media and Games

Fall 2013

Amana Kaskazi


Pennsylvania State University, Broadcast Journalism

University of Michigan, Masters of Science in Information

Fall 2013

2011 i3 Scholar Reflects on Internship at National Museum of American History


2011 i3 Scholar, Twanna Hodge, seems to be making quite a name for herself in the information sciences. She recently completed a summer internship at the National Museum of American History. She is also set to begin her graduate studies at the University of Washington iSchool this fall, pursuing a Masters of Library and Information Science. Twanna has been all smiles lately, with good cause.

Upon completing her undergraduate degree at the University of the Virgin Islands, Twanna began searching for internships that would provide experience for her future career as a librarian and archivist. Through her network of mentors she came across an opportunity that seemed too good to be true: a summer in Washington, DC working for the Smithsonian. The catch? She had to apply during an overly hectic senior year where she had a few other items on her to-do list: applying to graduate programs, working multiple part-time jobs on campus, searching and applying for financial aid, securing letters of recommendation, finishing strong in those pesky undergrad classes, and every once in a while, if lucky, enjoying some social time with her friends and family. Nevertheless, from the look on Twanna's face in her blog post reflecting on the experience, that hectic and stressful senior year seems to be a distant memory.

To learn more about Twanna and her summer internship experience, click here.

i3 Receives $819,000 in Renewed Funding from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has renewed its support of the iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) by awarding the University of Pittsburgh's School of Information Sciences a three year grant of $819,000. The renewed support provides i3 with funding through 2016. This is the third grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support the development and hosting of i3, bringing the total donation to more than $1.5 million.

As part of the program's continued growth and development, annual cohort sizes will increase from 20 to 25 students per year. This change reflects the increasing number of student applications to i3 as well as the positive support received from US-based iSchools. Several iSchools now offer scholarship funds to graduate applicants who have successfully completed the i3 program. To further expand on its curricular offerings, i3 will host four PhD student Teaching Fellows during its summer institutes. i3 Teaching Fellows will engage i3 Scholars in a series of instructional workshops on research design, programming, and other necessary skills in the information professions.

Read more about the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's renewed support of i3 here.

Record number of i3 Scholars take part in iConference 2013


Nine i3 Scholars attended iConference 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas in February. The conference was hosted by the University of North Texas, College of Information and was the eighth annual gathering of information researchers and practitioners. i3 Scholars attended workshops, paper sessions, alternative events, the Social Media Expo, and poster presentations. Three 2011 i3 Scholars--Joshua Cartagena, Oliver Haimson, and Daniel Knopp--presented research posters on behalf of their teams. 2012 i3 Scholars met to discuss and refine their ongoing research projects. i3 Scholars also joined Director Michael Depew and Assistant Director Courtney Loder for the annual reunion dinner. The iConference series is presented by the iSchools Consortium and is hosted each year by a different iSchool. For more information about the iSchools and iConference, please see: www.ischools.org.

i3 Scholars who attended iConference 2013:

  • Joshua Cartagena
  • Oliver Haimson
  • Twanna Hodge
  • Daniel Knopp
  • Marcia McIntosh
  • Mandi Gonzalez
  • Amana Kaskazi
  • Austyn Shaner
  • Kara Vogelbacker

UNC iSchool undergraduate students selected for 2012 i3 Cohort


Three students in the bachelor of science in information science program at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have been selected to participate in the prestigious iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3). The i3 helps foster a culture of creativity, innovation and collaboration across disciplines of information schools (iSchools) around the world by actively recruiting and developing students and faculty from underrepresented segments of the population through a competitive process. Kristen Bowen, Mandi Gonzalez and Denzel McCollum are the students selected from the School of Information and Library Science out of 22 who will participate in a year-long experience which prepares them for graduate study in the information sciences and ultimately a rewarding career that matches their interests. Read more...

Information for All


With tank-tread legs and a camera for a head, a remote-controlled robot skitters toward a cardboard box in the center of a classroom in the Information Sciences building. Like a cat arching its back, the robot rises on its front legs and steadily climbs over the box. "It can get over almost anything," explains its operator, Pitt graduate student Steven Nunnally, as the machine's gears buzz and whir.

After the robot successfully scales the box and returns to the floor, the audience of undergraduate students applauds enthusiastically. As participants in the iSchool Inclusion Institute at Pitt's School of Information Sciences, they are exploring facets of graduate-level information sciences from cloud computing, to video-game development, to today-s topic--robots and simulations. Read more...

i3 Project Brings Diverse Perspectives into the Field


The inaugural iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from June 6-30, 2011. The Project is designed to encourage undergraduate students from underrepresented groups to consider graduate study in the Information Sciences disciplines. The i3 project is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and hosted by the School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh, partnering with iSchools at Drexel University and Pennsylvania State University. Read more...

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Supports iSchool Initiative to Increase Diversity in Graduate Studies


The School of Information Sciences is pleased to announce that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has given the iSchool a grant of $100,000 to support the planning of initiatives to increase diversity in graduate programs at Information Schools. The Mellon grant will be used to design and develop a series of summer institutes, an annual program to be administered by the iSchool to recruit graduate students and faculty members from underrepresented groups to the field of information sciences. The institutes will focus on promising juniors and seniors in college who demonstrate strong potential to eventually earn doctoral degrees and become faculty members in the Information Sciences. Read more...