LERSAIS News 2004 LERSAIS Initiates New Seminar Series

LERSAIS Initiates New Seminar Series

February 6, 2004 - The University of Pittsburgh's School of Information Sciences (SIS) has implemented a new Information Assurance Seminar Series, which is being presented by SIS' recently established Laboratory of Education and Research on Security Assured Information Systems (LERSAIS). Invited industry and academic experts will deliver a lecture on Fridays through April 16, at 11 a.m. in 120 Lawrence Hall, 3942 Forbes Ave., Oakland. All lectures are free and open to the public.

"With the increasing reliance on information systems and infrastructures, it is important to protect the privacy of our personal information," said James Joshi, assistant professor in SIS' Department of Information Science and Telecommunications. "We are presented with daunting challenges of ensuring that our information systems are secure."

Infrastructures containing networked information systems have experienced unprecedented growth because of rapid development in communications and information systems technologies. Industries such as banking, finance, aviation, healthcare, and the military rely on these systems. The emerging field of information assurance works to protect and defend information and information systems through protection, detection, and response methods.

"The School of Information Sciences has long been engaged in issues of information security, but the changes wrought since 9/11 have made this an increasingly vital issue of national importance," said SIS' Dean Ron Larsen. "The LERSAIS Seminar Series is designed to raise the profile of our work in information assurance and to expand its scope through the participation of national leaders and technical experts in information security and assurance."

The LERSAIS focuses on the diverse problems related to security and survivable information systems, networks, and infrastructures. It acts as a multidisciplinary forum for the synergistic interaction among researchers within SIS as well as with other experts in information assurance areas outside the school.

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