Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service

Fall 2016 Application Deadline:

(IMPORTANT Note: Renewal of funding for this program is currently pending)

The SFS program, offered by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and co-sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), provides competitive scholarships to qualified students and seeks to address the growing need for a workforce trained in the development, design, and implementation of secure information systems. Graduates will be qualified to manage the security of large networks and infrastructures.

Scholarship for Service refers to the employment requirement to work as a civilian for a government agency in an information security position following graduation for a period equivalent to the length of the scholarship or one year, whichever is longer. An academic year (i.e., the fall and spring semesters) is equivalent to a calendar year of employment. If the student is funded for two academic years, he or she must serve in a covered position for two calendar years. If the student is funded for one academic year or less (e.g., only one semester), he or she must serve for one calendar year.

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Scholarship Benefits

Scholarship Requirements

Students are selected to participate in the SFS program based on merit, evidence of intensive academic training in the information assurance field, and clear indicators they can apply their education to real-world work experiences.

When, and for how long, can a student get a scholarship?

Students are funded up to two years during the final two years of their undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate degree programs.

Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities

Note, scholarship recipients are solely responsible for finding internships and jobs which satisfy these requirements. Although the SFS program does provide some tools and guidance in these pursuits, it does not guarantee placement. Job and intern opportunities can be found at: USA Jobs, Student Jobs, and USA Government.

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