• Presentation should be 20 minutes
  • Readers are expected to be familiar with the paper and ask questions
  • Each person will fill a comments form to write brief comment related to each presentation and give me
Day Paper Presenters Readers

Day 1 (Feb 3)


Countering Code-Injection Attacks With Instruction-Set Randomization Eric Bram Presenters of D2
Fine-grained Access Control to Web Databases Hassan Takabi Presenters of D3


Day 2 (Feb 5)


On Evolving Buffer Overflow Attacks Using Genetic Programming Jeff Zhao  
Raksha: A Flexible Information Flow Architecture for Software Security Lorie Yuan  
Securing software by enforcing data-flow integrity Amirreza Masoumzadeh  

Day 3 (Feb 10)



MemSherlock: An Automated Debugger for Unknown Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities Shashwat Lal Jeff, Lorie
AccMon: Automatically Detecting Memory-related Bugs via Program Counter-based Invariants Alisha Moulton Amir, Eric
Secure Program Execution via Dynamic Information Flow Tracking Andrew Lewis Hassan