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The Library and Information Science Program is housed in the Information Sciences Building, with classrooms, computer labs, and an 110,000-item library.

The Information Sciences Library, located on the third and fourth floors of the IS building, is one of the 19 libraries that serve the University Library System. The total collection of the University of Pittsburgh libraries is more than 3.3 million volumes, not including government documents and microforms.

The staff, collections, and services at the Information Sciences Library offer support, instruction, and advanced research in the areas of library science, information science, telecommunications, and children's literature. Library resources include 82,801 volumes, monographs, bound journals, and government documents, 876 periodical subscriptions, 20,234 microforms, and many other media. The Elizabeth Nesbitt Room (Room 305) is located within the Information Sciences Library and houses several special collections related to the history of children and their books and media. The volumes in this collection include more than 12,000 books and magazine titles of interest dating from the 1600's through today.

PittCat, the online catalog, provides access to library holdings throughout the University of Pittsburgh. In addition, the University Library System provides access to over 90 databases both through Windows-based networked public access terminals and through the World Wide Web (See Online Resources.) Remote Access to the majority of these databases is possible when using a computer with a Pitt IP address or when dialing into the Pitt modem pool. Search interfaces include Ameritech WinPAC, Silver Platter WinSPIRS, InfoTrac SearchBank, and OCLC FirstSearch, among others. The Information Sciences Library Web Site provides information about the library hours, policies, staff, and services, and also provides access to a collection of Web resources related to library and information science.

Computing Resources  
The School of Information Sciences has developed outstanding computing labs for education and research which are located on the eighth floor of the IS Building. Computing resources for the exclusive use of SIS graduate students, faculty, and staff include a Sun Enterprise 4500 compute server, a Sun UltraSPARC cluster with associated 2/3 TB RAID array, 20 Sun UltraSPARC workstations and 29 Pentium-based Windows systems.

Computing equipment throughout the building is connected via a LAN (local area network), which employs a fiber backbone utilizing Extreme Network's Gb Ethernet technology. Software in the PC labs is shared through a Microsoft server. Peripheral hardware, including laser printers, scanners (flat-bed and slide), and CD-ROM read-write drives, also contributes to this rich environment for learning, teaching, and research.

Two teaching laboratories exist, which support Pentium PCs (running Windows XP). Other labs include the Telecommunications and Networking labs and an Experimental Research Configuration lab that provides space for specific student and faculty research projects.

University resources include centralized academic computing, a graphics and CAD laboratory, and public labs located in other campus buildings. See Information Technology @ University of Pittsburgh for more information on University computing.


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