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News / Congratulations to the Special Libraries Association




Congratulations to the Special Libraries Association’s Student Group (SLAPSG) here at SIS!  On June 4, they were honored with the "2007 SAAAC Student Group Merit Award for Creative Use of Electronic Resources." The Special Libraries Association (SLA) bestowed the Merit Award on this energetic group for their work in redesigning the SLAPSG website to include a blogging feature.  In particular, the group was recognized for their use of technology to make a recent panel discussion on field placements available to the public.  The following students were recipients of the award and serve as officers of the SLAPSG:

Steve Ely, President
Laura Greenlee, Secretary/Treasurer
Margo Sussman, Membership Coordinator
Heather Yager, Webmaster.

The SLAPSG Advisor, Judith Jablonski and the SLA Pittsburgh Chapter’s Student Relations Chair, Donna Beck, were also noted for their support of this project.

The panel discussion can be viewed at





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