About the Hall of Fame Team

The Hall of Fame (HOF) Team included the following contributors from graduate programs at the University of Pittsburgh:

  • Matt: Matt is currently enrolled in the MSIS program. He is employed by Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC as a decision support analyst. For the HOF project, Matt wrote and edited biographies.
  • Sean: Fall 2004 marks the first semester in the MSIS program for this young man. Sean works for the Visual Information Systems Center, building useful Web pages, doing medical iconography research, and building virtual environments. For the HOF project, Sean created the HTML template and the Cascading Style Sheet.
  • Allison: Allison is currently enrolled in the MSIS program. She anticipates completing the program in 2006. The degree will be a nice complement to her MBA and will broaden her role in the consulting firm that she owns with another individual. For the HOF project, Allison wrote and edited biographies.
  • Jeff: Jeff is in his first semester of the MSIS program. He currently works full time for IBM as a senior development manager. For the HOF project, Jeff wrote and edited biographies, prepared and formatted all biographical pages, wrote and formatted general text for the site, and coordinated the overall project effort.
  • Colleen: As if she didn't have enough to do with juggling a family and a very demanding full-time job, Colleen is enrolled in the MLIS program. She expects her master's degree in library and information science, with a concentration in digital libraries, in 2006. For the HOF project, Colleen wrote and edited biographies and general text for the site, and she made style and architecture suggestions.
  • Brad: Brad is, indeed, a man of few words. For the HOF project, he contributed the searching capabilities for the biographies and helped round out some of the rough edges. He currently is in his first semester in the MSIS program and is soon to be starting a job at CERT.