About the School of Information Science - Hall of Fame

The Information Science Hall of Fame (HOF) is an updated, expanded version of a site that was originally created by a group of INFSCI 2000 students in 1997. The 2004 HOF Team built upon the work of the 1997 group.

The 2004 HOF Team looked closely at the individuals the previous team had inducted. A few people were cut from the list, and new notables in the field were added. Every member's biography was created anew, sometimes with reference to the original biography, more often not. Care was taken to ensure that the biographies, although written by different team members, would be consistent in writing style and voice. All text was carefully proofread for stylistic integrity and typographical errors.

The team also examined the graphic design and the coding behind the site. Because so much time had passed since the site was originally created, the 2004 team decided to completely redesign the site by using updated techniques in HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, graphic design, javascript, and searching. The team decided the site should be W3C compatible, so some techniques used in the previous site, such as frames, were discarded. The team also strove to maintain the graphic identity of the University of Pittsburgh.

The new version of the HOF was built with XHTML, CSS, javascript, PERL, and CGI to uphold W3C standards. The design and layout come from recommendations of University Marketing Communications as an approved University of Pittsburgh style.

It is the sincere hope of the 2004 HOF Team that a later group will take our work and build upon it by updating the existing biographies and adding new biographies to the collection of information science luminaries now enshrined. The team hopes you enjoy reading and benefit from the updated biographies now available.