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The Discussion and Some Conclusions

Seven questions served to focus the discussion. The questions were selected based on two criteria. First, the questions were raised directly or indirectly by the email dialog between Oksala and Rutkowski. Second, the questions could be phrased in such a way as to focus the discussion on providing concrete actions that would improve the process. The seven initial questions, which were refined in a two stage exchange process, were as follows:

  1. How should committees be composed?
  2. Who should decide what standards should be developed?
  3. What are the critical aspects of the standardization process?
  4. What is the most important characteristic of a standard?
  5. What needs to be fixed most urgently?
  6. What practice is most damaging to standardization?
  7. Who should take responsibility for moving forward?
Our actual seed questions and starting options are reprinted in Appendix B. Based on these questions we began a series of exchanges. The summary of the exchanges and some conclusions are provided below.

Michael Spring
Mon Nov 27 18:45:46 EST 1995