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Comment Report System

During the requirements gathering phase of this project, it became clear that there was a need for a report utility. The most important of these was to delineate the comments that were in early or intermediate stages of the resolution process. A simplified report generation form was designed. As shown in Figure 5,

Figure 5: CASCADE Report Selection

the user may select a primary and secondary key for the report as well as the comment categories to be included. Parts of these sample reports are shown in Figure 6, which shows a sample of a ``Totals Report'' which gives the number of comments in each category by chapter;

Figure 6: Report Totals

Figure 7, a ``Table Report'' which shows a list of the specific comments made in each chapter that meet the selection criteria;

Figure 7: Segment of a Report Table Showing All Open Objections

and Figure 8, which shows a very small part of a full text report which shows the status, type, and disposition of comments as well as text of the comments for a given document or set.

Figure 8: Part of a Listing Comments on a Document Showing Status Information and Text

Michael Spring
Tue Apr 23 13:23:13 EDT 1996