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Putting in a Standard Comment

The system assumes that far and away, the most common thing someone would do is make a comment on the document. To insert a comment into an open document, point and click the LEFT mouse button near that point and an edit window will open. Comment editor window box will pop up with menu bar composed of the selection of New, Type, and Deposition for the comment. Simply make the comment and click on the ``Accept'' button. CASCADE will take care of all of the details and return the user to the document the user was reading. (If the user changes his/her mind and decide not to make a comment, simply press the ``Cancel'' button and CASCADE will clean up for the user.) CASCADE frees the user to focus on the content by handling the systems administration tasks such as naming the file, creating a link, storing the file, inserting a link anchor, and updating the activity logs.

Figure 5 shows a document with an editor window open for adding comments. CASCADE handles the usual file opening and closing tasks for the user. Once the user have inserted a comment, or another document component, simply clicking on the anchor button will display the comment or document. The document in Figure 6 shows how a new link looks after being added through the commenting process.

Figure 5: Adding a new comment to a document

Figure 6: Simple document in CASCADE

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