Lecture Slides


The lecture flow will be as shown in the table. Some changes may occur depending upon the pace of the class coverage.





Lecture 1

(Jan 9)

Course introduction


Lecture 2

(Jan 23)

Secure Software Development Models/Methods



(Related Reading Materials)

Lecture 3

(Feb 6)


Formal Verification(Chapter 20 from Bishop)

UMLsec: Lecture will be based on the basic papers at UMLsec Homepage)

(slides Courtesy of Jan jurgen, UMLsec developer)



Lecture 4

(Feb 13)


UMLsec continued

Reference papers: Paper1; Paper2; Paper3


Lecture 5

(Feb 20)


Strings: Chap 2 of Secure Coding in C/C++

(Courtesy of Robert Seacord, author of the book)


Lecture 6

(Feb 27)


Integer Security: Chap 5 of Secure Coding in C/C++

Guest Lecturer: Rober Seacord,


Lecture 7

(Mar 20)


Pointers + Dynamic Memory Management: Chap 3, 4 of Secure Coding in C/C++

(slides Courtesy of Rober Seacord)



Lecture 8

(Mar 27)


File I/O and Race conditions: Chap 7

Security Touchpoints: from "Software Security" by Gary McGraw




Lecture 9

(Apr 3)

Java Security (J2EE) - Chapter 1 & 7

Book: Enterprise Java Security: Building Secure J2EE Applications

Safari Book online


(Will be added by 3PM)

April 10



Lecture 10

(Apr 17)



Lecture 11

(Apr 24)