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Agent Preference File


All agents have some common characteristics that are specified in a file of the form CA_name.pref. Files located on the server or on the individual workstations will be read an acted upon by the server or the client. A sample file called CA_comm.pref is shown below:

cascade agent comm
exec; /usr/users/aug/augment/CASCADE\_FILES/bin/comm
pixmap; /usr/users/aug/augment/CASCADE\_FILES/comm.xpm
bitmap; /usr/users/aug/augment/CASCADE\_FILES/comm.xbm
label; comm
font; ``FQ xfont name''
bg; Fore Ground
startState; ready
iconIdle; /usr/users/aug/augment/CASCADE\_FILES/agent.xpm
iconReady; /usr/users/aug/augment/CASCADE\_FILES/agent.xpm
iconActive; /usr/users/aug/augment/CASCADE\_FILES/agent.xpm
lifetime; session

The first line of the file provides a confirmation that this is a CASCADE agent preference file and confirms the name of the agent. The remaining lines specify information about the agent -- the executable, icon information, and when and how the agent should be started and terminated.

Michael Spring
Mon Dec 16 14:39:59 EST 1996