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The mail commands are document- and group-aware to ease the process of mailing related to CASCADE documents. For example, Figure 11 shows the mailer opened by the Send Mail button. The mailer assumes the mail is related to the current document. By default it will mail to the user's entire group. The user can edit the list of recipients in the dialog box (figure 11) that will appear. This allows the user to add members to the mailing list or to restrict the individuals to whom the user sends mail. The user can also enter a subject line for the mail. If the user choose not to add a subject, the document name and ``from CASCADE'' will automatically become the subject.

Figure 12 shows the mail reader, the user can sort mail notes a variety of different ways and in looking at any particular mail note has the ability to find related documents as measured by document similarity measures.

Figure 11: Mail Agent

Figure 12: Mail Reader

Michael Spring
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