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CASCADE Menu Choices

Commands appear across the top of the CASCADE display and provide access to the various functions CASCADE can perform for the user. The following command categories exist in the current version of CASCADE:

  1. Information menu provides access to information about a list of comment and editorial changes made in the CASCADE context, information about last login session of group members, a visualization of keystroke and buttonpress actions, and a visualization of login history of selected users. Therefore, these information provides some rudimentary tools related to working with others.

  2. Document menu allows actions on documents, including editing current document, creating new document, importing document, deleting document, showing comment summary reports, printing or mailing a document, or invoking a postscript file viewer.

  3. Preference allows customization of the colors and fonts in CASCADE; editing the color palette, showing color code used in CASCADE, and changing font size and type for the display window and editor.

  4. Navigation allows a user to move around easily in the document spaces. It provides access to a docuverse which shows an overview of the whole document space, a browser which provides a tree-like visual display of the directory or document structure, and bookmarks which is a traditional navigation tool. It also allows the user to jump directory to the CASCADE root directory or their login directory.

  5. History list shows the documents that were opened in a current session beginning with most recent on top. It allows the user to return to a previous document at the position in that document which was last viewed.

  6. Development contains a number of options for the developers of CASCADE and for users of experimental components not yet ready for general use. As of this writing, there are four items under this menu choice. ``editres'' is a program that allows the user to visualize the widget hierarchy of a running X Window System program, and show all of the objects that are active and their properties. ``POSIX'' contains some linking and reporting tools under development in response to the requests of a group working on the POSIX standard. ``Xterm'' provides access to x-terminal. ``SGML'' options are prototype procedures for pruning and grafting branches of SGML trees to edit them in a way that allows element or subdocument locking. Finally, the ``Administrative Stuff'' option is designed to allow the developers to upgrade file formats for record files on the fly.

  7. Help displays this information about using CASCADE.

  8. Exit leaves CASCADE, updating all the appropriate files and terminating any agents that were made active for the CASCADE session. At the current time, this includes the communication agent.

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Michael Spring
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