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Deleting Links and Components

CASCADE also takes care of deleting links and the associated files. The deletion function is activated by pressing the MIDDLE mouse button. If the anchor is a link to a simple file the anchor and the file will be deleted.gif If the anchor is to a document component that is linked to other document components, a dialog box will appear and inform you of the situation. If you still decide to move ahead, the anchor will be removed along with the component to which it is linked. This may ``orphan'' other document components, and is a clear shortcoming in the prototype. The DBMS version of CASCADE will assure appropriate handling of all possible situations. Thus, caveat emptor, deletion of links and components is allowed in CASCADE as a convenience to those testing it. It is not a bullet-proof function and should be used carefully.

CASCADE also manages the directories it uses to store comments, removing empty directories when appropriate. This is another example of CASCADE reducing the systems administrative overhead for the user.

Michael Spring
Fri Jun 27 17:00:29 EDT 1997