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In September of 1995, at the invitation of the Australian Library and Information Association, I prepared a keynote speech for the Annual Meeting of the National Reference and Information Services Conference. During the trip, I had the opportunity to address members of the Australian Museum Society in Sidney on Models for Virtual Reality, members of the National Library in Canbera on Preservation of Electronic Records, and members of ALIA on The virtual library -- the keynote, and on the document processing revolution.

Everything good that is said about the people of Australia and the country is true. It is a warm and hospitable place. While the three day visit did not leave much time for sightseeing, it was great good fun to sit eating dinner in the Grand Hotel in Adelaide, look out over the water, and realize that going straight ahead would bring you over the water to Antarctica and the South Pole! Here is a little picture of the "last stop" on the way to the South Pole

Here are two of the papers I delivered during the trip -- keep in mind that the virtual library paper is more than 10 megabytes:

  • Virtual Libraries.
  • The Document Processing Revolution.

    Karen Karykis, who graciously hosted the trip, was kind enough to indulge my ego by sending this picture of the talk. I post it here as proof to my students that it is possible for me to smile!