Our assumption on color mapping is that red gets more attentions. Therefore the color mapping can be changed depending on user's interest. For example, if a user is interested in the files currently being edited, red files are new and old files are blue. On the other hand, if a user is interested in old files so he/she could perform file deletion easily, then new files are blue and old files are red.

Early implementations removed Webview when a content node was selected.

Several different algorithms are used when variable sized thumbs are employed. The thumb size may be based on the number of characters visible or on the number of lines. If characters are used, thumb size must be recalculated as each line is changed in the display. For our purposes, we found the thumb based on lines more appropriate than character.

Tilebars is based on the work of Hearst et. al. [6]

It should be noted that unlike most viewers, CASCADE places the vertical scrollbar to the left of the display window. This was done in recognition of the fact that inter- and intra-document navigation to find a particular condition in a document involved a lot on alternating navigation between and within documents before an area of interest was found. By co-locating the scroll bar and its associated Landmark panels with the interdocument directory bar, it was possible to minimize mouse travel distance and thus reduce target acquisition time in accord with Fitt's law.

It is important to note that the editors also had available a tool to generate a report of all new comments. The report, which could be generated in under a second for the 20 or so documents would consist of any level of detail the editor wanted. In addition, the report contained links to the comments and to their locations within the parent document. At the same time, the report feels somewhat disembodied and the mural scanning approach gives the editor a sense of the comments in situ along with a view of all the other comments not included in the report.

Keep in mind that implicitly created links in CASCADE are considered to be comments or observations on the current document.

Michael Spring
Sun Sep 22 09:13:45 EDT 1996