Selected Online Material

This page contains links to some online notes and lectures. Immediately below, you will find a few brief talks done using the University's mediasite software. Further down the page you will find a series of individual lectures that I have voice annotated as an experiment. Because the audio files are rather large, they may not work very well on slow speed connections.

Finally, I have placed my notes for courses and tutorials on e-business, XML, Unix, and Java online. Far and away, the notes for ebusiness are the most extensive and cover theory, technology, and examples. The XML lectures are also fairly extensive and up-to-date. The Unix and Java notes are fairly basic and meant as an introduction.

If you look through the notes or listen to a lecture, I would appreciate it if you would drop me a note and share your reactions.

Mediasite Lectures

During 2005, the University began to make serious use of a system called Media Site Live. I had the opportunity to deliver a series of lectures in Macedonia using the system. After that experience, I decided that the technology might be useful for delivering short lectures on topics of interest to students, alumni, and the general public.

Annotated Lectures

I have been experimenting with some technologies to put lectures on line. Samples of some of these lectures are included below. They will work best with a high speed connection. They are first cuts at working this way, so there are a few "ums" and "aahs" that have to be removed. Also, the slide transitions are less than optimal, but these are technological limitations that can be overcome if people find them useful. The presentations are powerpoint converted to flash and should work in any browser.

Sets of Course/Tutorial Notes

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