Only do one of these. (10 hours)

Only to one design. (20 hours)

Keep in mind that these are suggestions for activities that you might engage in during the course of study. A final decision about what you will do will be made during the week of August 23.

Tentative Overview of the Course

This course will cover the following topics:

  • History of document processing, conceptual models, processes and terminology
  • Basic Technologies used in document processing
  • Algorithms, formalisms, and languages for text and image manipulation
  • Standards relevant to document processing
  • Document processing systems
  • Document management systems
  • Hypertext and hypermedia systems
  • Collaborative Authoring systems
  • The first four topics will be addressed by the instructor during the August class meetings in Molde. The next two topics will be covered by the students and the instructor during the months of September and October. Most of this interaction will take place electronically over the Web using email and the CASCADE system. The last two topics will be addressed by the students and the instructor during the month of November during class meetings in Molde. Some what more detail is provided in the tentative outline provided below. Keep in mind that some portion of this may be modified by the instructor based on the first week of the course in August.