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Bookmarks and Meaning(December 15, 2007)

Social bookmarking systems provide a new source of infomration about resources. In this post, I try to set out some conceptual views of social bookmarking as a mechanism for asking what might be derived from an analysis of social bookmarks. The delicious system works as follows:

With this in mind, at the very least, a social bookmarking system would include a triple that consists of a URLID=normalized URL, a USERID, a DESCription, OPTTag(s), OPTNotes, and SHARE(default TRUE). A conceptual table such as this has the potential to provide the following information:

For users, we can determine the following information

For URLs, we can determine:

Beyond these measures we can examine a number of issues

There are surely many more questions that we might try to answer and there are surely more formal ways of formulating what might be inferred. I will be returning to this entry in the coming months and trying to add more thoughts about this.