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Automatic Link Insertion

CASCADE has a system for automatic link insertion that is still under development. (If it made sense to install this function for your use, you will find it under the ``Development'' menu choice, (``POSIX'' option.) It has been used with a reasonable amount of success in an initial test with a standards development effort. In the test case, reviewers looking at a final form of the standard submitted mailnotes with comments embedded in them. The reviewers separated each comment by a blank line and began each comment with the page and line number to which it pertained or the section number that it related to. The CASCADE comment parsing software broke the mail notes into individual comments, and inserted links in both the mail note and the source file to which they pertained.

This experiment demonstrated CASCADE's ability to correctly identify the places in the copymarked document that related to the places observed by the reviewers in the printed form of the document. In addition, CASCADE was able to perform some rudimentary classification of the comments based on reviewer inserted information. More than 2000 comments from 10 different reviewers related to more than 20 files were parsed, and linked with more than 95% accuracy in about 35 seconds! While this test was done based upon Scribe source files, the basic algorithms used should be extensible to any structurally copymarked document - Scribe, Latex, SGML, HTML, etc.

Michael Spring
Fri Jun 27 17:00:29 EDT 1997