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Navigating Links

Any button that appears in the document display window is an active link to a document or comment. If the button displays the name of the person, it means that person has made a comment at that point in the document. (As described above, links may be manually named, in which case something other than a user name will appear on some buttons.) By clicking with the RIGHT mouse button on a link button you will display the comment or other document. In reality, much more will happen. As you move around via these links, the history and directory area will be updated in an effort to provide the kind of navigational help you might want. In addition, CASCADE will be moving through the document hierarchy in an effort to make sure that other document components you might be interested in are available. For example, when you traverse a comment link, CASCADE moves its focus to the subdirectory where all the comments on that document are stored. In this way, you can then easily look at the other comments for the parent document.

To ease returning to the parent, CASCADE puts a ``back to parent'' button at the beginning of every comment. CASCADE supports two techniques for returning to the parent- the ``back'' button and the history list. The back button is easiest, but will place you at the top of the parent document while the history list will return you to the position you left in the parent document.

Michael Spring
Fri Jun 27 17:00:29 EDT 1997