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The Writing Task

The task of writing is a goal directed and iterative process that can be divided into sub-tasks. The author has a goal, such as obtaining research funds, and produces text to meet the goal. In this example, the writer may decide to write a research grant proposal. In order to produce the proposal the author would perform several tasks such as determine the funds available for his/her particular research area; a sub-task would be to ensure that he or she is eligible for the grant. Writing is iterative in that the writer may work through the required tasks several times while refining text. Goals may be revised as the author works through the task of producing text. Further, constraints such as deadlines and the availability of resource materials influence the goals and ultimately the text itself. Writing involves managing these constraints. Constraints affect how one writes as well as what one writes. There are a variety of strategies an author can use to achieve the desired text.

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