This report is the draft outline produced for purposes of comments and reviews. The development of this report is supported by a contract from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. We appreciate the comments from Swantje Willms, Emile Morse, Read Fritsch, and Vichita Vathanophas.

Information technology standards tend to be somewhat longer than many other standards documents.

In the material preceeding, when workflow and meeting management is discussed, generally speaking it is about document flow. In authoring, the flow of work among the authors more often involves a much less formal review of documents by the authors. (People need to look at what other people work in a process).

See Appendix E: Introduction to SGML

Again, the knowledgeable reader will know that hytime presents a theoretically superior linking model, but the fact is the the anchor, href, url model implemented by HTML is so widely accepted and used that it has become a defacto standard.

CORBA compliance will allow the CASCADE client interfaces to use the services of locally installed SGML/Hytime-compliant document editors which we anticipate will become available in the near term.

Michael Spring
Fri Jan 31 13:59:00 EST 1997