Types of Plagiarism


            As a student, you would be tempted to use the ideas available on the web as your own, but the margin between plagiarism and exploring new fields, also termed as ‘research’, is often indistinguishable. Therefore, recognizing various forms of plagiarism is important. The following classification gives a better understanding of the types of plagiarism:

First Passage:
"Einstein said exactly this-time is relative to the entities experiencing it. One man's second can be another woman's forty years. Einstein gives an example of a man who travels at very close to the speed of light to a star-say twenty light years away. From our earth-bound perspective, the trip takes more than twenty years in each direction. When the man gets back, his wife has aged forty years but for him the trip was brief because he travels close enough the speed of light, it may only have taken a second or less. Whose time frame is the correct one? Einstein says they are both correct, and exist only relative to each other."
-Quoted from The Age of Spiritual Machines - Ray Kurzweil

Second Passage:
"A clock traveling at the speed of light ticks slower to a stationary observer than a clock at rest would.  Likewise an observer of a meter stick would notice that it’s length would shorten as it’s speed increased and approached that of light. Special relativity has interesting consequences for travelers moving at high rates of speed." - Einstein
Quoted from "http://www.physics.northwestern.edu/classes/2001Spring/135-1/Projects/1/Einstein.htm"

We are using the above passages to explain the examples of types of plagiarism.


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