Programming Resources

This part of the website provides access to sample code. The form allows you to access categories of javascript and perl programs which can be displayed and executed. The first listbox allows you to navigate to a directory. The second list box allows you to select a files. When you get to the directory in which you have an interest, click on a file and then select how you would like it displayed. This will allow you to see the source and the the effect one after the other. Please note that Internet Explorer overrides the standard for http and will not display the source. It thinks it is being smart by realizing that something is HTML and displaying it as HTML rather than as the plain text it is being instructed to display. For best results use Netscape. Also, not that a couple of the very sophisticated scripts use information about where they are located to operate. When they are run inside this script they get confused -- thus not all programs will operate correctly in this demo mode.

Two things should be noted. First, the resources link in the bottom left will give you qualified directory listing of a subset of my public directory space. Your listings are actually controlled by a set of generic cgi scripts put in directories, so even though the server has directory listings turned off, I can show you those directories. But what I show you does not include the programs that produce the listings or any of the files that I am currently experimenting with. Think about how you would do that.

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