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This section of the site provides information related to IS2730: E-Business. The resources used in the course are not yet all situated here. Sample code may still be found under the document processing course. The lecture notes are provided as PDF versions of the powerpoint handouts. While the notes for this course are relatively stable, please assume that I am likely to make minor chnages to a slide set and I may make major changes in preparation to teach a given lecture.

The panel to the left contains a listing of the resources in this directory. It also shows the subdirectories of this directory. Click on the directory to navigate to the directory. Click on the file to display the file. You will note that some of the resources here cannot be displayed. Right clicking on those objects will allow you to download them to your local machine for use. If you display a file, you can always use the link at the tope called instructions to redisplay this page.

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