Learning Resources for Spring's Courses

This site contains general and course specific learning resources. MSIS students may be interested in any of three sections here:

This site also contains information related to my document processing course. At the current time, that is the only course with information provided here. For students taking IS2000, the primary source of information about the course will come from the University's Courseinfo system. For students taking advanced courses, the primary source of information on lectures and course projects will be my own CASCADE system. If you take an advanced course from me, you will be given a CASCADE account and access to the CASCADE software. To learn more about CASCADE, you can visit the CASCADE website.

You may want to visit my personal site for more information on research projects and research ideas for students (under research). The site also provides up-to-date versions of all my syllabi (under courses) as well as access to both audio annotated lectures and notes from courses that are not currently offered by the department -- such as my course on e-business.

This site serves to provide access to some special materials and information. Specifically, it will be of interest to some as a demonstration site. For example, you may note in the top left frame an indication of the number of accesses to this page. This is actually once piece of a set of CGI and client-server programs that logs and alerts me to visitors to this site. You may note below that the last medification date of this and all the pages on the site. This info is generated automatically by embedded javascripts. You will also note that when you click on links to in the top left frame, it may cause both the bottom left and the right frame to be filled. This and many other tricks and techniques are a part of what is covered in IS 2770 -- document processing and this site allows the techniques to be demonstrated.

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