List of accepted and to be presented papers.

Session 1: Trust, Security, and Privacy of Machine Learning
  • Safety and Consistency of Mutable Attributes Using Quotas: A Formal Analysis
  • Mehrnoosh Shakarami and Ravi Sandhu (University of Texas at San Antonio, US)
  • Z Table: Cost-Optimized Attack on Reinforcement Learning
  • Ian Garrett and Ryan Gerdes (Virginia Tech, US)
  • Diggi: A Secure Framework for Hosting Native Cloud Functions with Minimal Trust
  • Anders Tungeland Gjerdrum, Håvard Dagenborg Johansen, Lars Brenna and Dag Johansen (UIT: The Arctic University of Norway, Norway)
  • An Intelligent Behavior-Based Ransomware Detection System for Android Platform
  • Abdulrahman Alzahrani (Oakland University, US), Hani Alshahrani (Najran University, Saudi Arabia), Ali Alshehri and Huirong Fu (Oakland University, US)

Session 2: Security and Privacy for Edge AI and IoT
  • Disincentivizing Double Spend Attacks Across Interoperable Blockchains
  • Kuheli Sai and David Tipper (University of Pittsburgh, US)
  • Design and Implementation of Privacy-Preserving, Flexible and Scalable Role-based Hierarchical Access Control
  • Tyler Phillips, Xiaoyuan Yu, Brandon Haakenson and Xukai Zou (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, US)
  • ComplexIoT: Behavior-bsed Trust for IoT Networks
  • Kyle Heafner and Indrakshi Ray (Colorado State University, US)
  • An RNS Implementation of the Elliptic Curve Cryptography for IoT Security
  • Jai Gopal Pandey (CSIR, India), Chhavi Mitharwal (Banasthali University, India) and Abhijit Karmakar (CSIR, India)

Session 3: Security and Privacy in Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning and Recognition of User Tasks for Malware Detection
  • Yasamin Alagrash, Nithasha Mohan, Sandhya Rani Gollapalli and Julian Rrushi (Oakland University, US)
  • Effects of Differential Privacy and Data Skewness on Membership Inference Vulnerability
  • Stacey Truex, Ling Liu, Emre Gursoy, Wenqi Wei (Georgia Institute of Technology, US), Lei Yu (IBM TJ Watson, US)
  • Towards Deep Federated Defenses Against Malware in Cloud Ecosystems
  • Joshua Payne (Stanford University, US) and Ashish Kundu (IBM TJ Watson, US)
  • Twitter Bot Detection Using Bidirectional Long Short-term Memory Neural Networks and Word Embeddings
  • Feng Wei and Uyen Trang Nguyen (York University, Canada)

Session 4: Security and Privacy by Design
  • Countering Malware Via Decoy Processes with Improved Resource Utilization Consistency
  • Sara Sutton, Sementa Tahiri, Benjamin Bond and Julian Rrushi (Oakland University, US)
  • Analysis and Nudging of Personally Identifiable Information in Online Used Markets
  • Hyunsu Mun and Youngseok Lee (Chungnam National University, South Korea)
  • SERS: A Security-related and Evidence-based Ranking Scheme for Mobile Apps
  • Nahida Sultana Chowdhury and Rajeev R. Raje (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, US)
  • A Performance Evaluation: When Encryption Applied in CAN protocol [application paper]
  • Hanlin Chen and Baijian Yang (Purdue University, US)

Session 5: Secure and Trusted Cyber-Space
  • Blockchain-based Redistricting Evaluation Protocol
  • Naresh Adhikari, Naila Bushra and Mahalingam Ramkumar (Mississippi State University, USA)
  • Secure Queryable Dynamic Graphs Using Blockchains
  • Naila Bushra, Naresh Adhikari and Mahalingam Ramkumar (Mississippi State University, USA)
  • Data Siphoning Across Borders: The Role of Internet Tracking
  • Ashwini Rao and Juergen Pfeffer (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
  • Open-TEE is No Longer Virtual: Towards Software-only Trusted Execution Environments Using White-box Cryptography
  • Kemal Bicakci, Ihsan Kagan Ak (TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkey), Betul Askin Ozdemir (Middle East Technical University, Turkey) and Mesut Gozutok (Havelsan Inc., Turkey)

Session 6: Security and Privacy by Design
  • Factoring RSA Keys in the IoT Era [Short Paper]
  • Jonathan Kilgallin and Ross Vasko (Keyfactor, US)
  • Contextualizing Consensus Protocols in Blockchain: A Short Survey [Short Paper]
  • Golam Bashar, Graham Hill, Praneeth Praneeth Babu Marella, Subroto Singha, Gaby G. Dagher and Jidong Xiao (Boise State University, US)
  • Towards Applying Design-Thinking for Designing Privacy Protecting Information Systems [Short Paper]
  • Mortaza S. Bargh and Sunil Choenni (WODC, Ministry of Justice and Security, Netherlands)
  • User Acceptance of Usable Blockchain-Based Research Data Sharing System: An Extended TAM-Based Study [Short Paper]
  • Ajay Shrestha and Julita Vassileva (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

Vision Track: Trust, Privacy and Security in Intelligent Systems
  • Central Attribute Authority (CAA): A Vision for Seamless Sharing of Organizational Resources
  • Saptarshi Das, Shamik Sural (IIT Kharagpur, India), Jaideep Vaidya, and Vijay Atluri (Rutgers University, US)
  • Securing Big Data in the Age of AI
  • Murat Kantarcioglu and Fahad Shaon
  • Malware Containment in Cloud
  • Abhishek Malvankar, Joshua Payne, Karan Budhraja, Ashish Kundu, Suresh Chari and Mueksh Mohania (Nuro, US)
  • Secure Real-Time Heterogeneous IoT Data Management System
  • Md Shihabul Islam, Harsh Verma, Latifur Khan and Murat Kantarcioglu (The University of Texas at Dallas, US)
  • Robust (Deep) Learning Models Against Dirty Labels
  • Amirmasoud Ghiassi, Taraneh Younesian (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands), Zilong Zhao (University of Grenoble, France), Robert Birke (ABB Research, Switzerland), Valerio Schiavoni (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland) and Lydia Y. Chen (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
  • Trustworthy Misinformation Mitigation with Soft Information Nudging
  • Benjamin D. Horne, Mauricio Gruppi and Sibel Adali (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US)
  • Computer Systems Have 99 Problems, Let’s Not Make Machine Learning Another One
  • David Mohaisen (University of Central Florida, US) and Songqing Chen (George Mason University, US)
  • Empathy, Privacy and Ethics for the Next Generation of Smart Built Environments
  • Denis Gracanin (Virginia Tech, US), Ramoni Lasisi, Mohamed Azab and Mohamed Eltoweissy (Virginia Military Institute, US)