SAC-PA Workshop

Our First SAC-PA Workshop will be held in Pittsburgh on June 22-23. For more information, please visit: SAC-PA Workshop

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Cybersecurity is a growing concern for individuals, communities, nations and the world. Increasing cyberattacks make cybersecurity a critical national security concern. Information technology provides tremendous opportunities to accelerate data-driven scientific research and education. Increasing cybersecurity problems can adversely impact the research and its economic and social benefits if our cyberinfrastructure that supports scientific research and education is not well protected. Beyond innovative cybersecurity solutions, it is critical to establish structured and effective practices and better collaboration among various stakeholders to share cybersecurity resources, expertise and information. This project focuses on establishing a regional collaboration and partnership within the state of Pennsylvania, referred to as SAC-PA. SAC-PA will provide critical support to smaller academic institutions (schools and colleges, etc.) including resource constrained regional institutions that serve under-represented groups, females and high school teachers and students. It will establish a collaboration and partnership framework to enable concerted activities promoting the use of effective cybersecurity techniques and practice of security-assured cyberinfrastructure. While enhancing the cybersecurity posture of PA, SAC-PA will provide a regional cybersecurity collaboration and partnership model that can be adopted by other regions, or be extended for national level collaborations.

The SAC-PA project will include participation from the public-private sectors and academic institutions in PA in the following key activities:

  1. developing and delivering three regional workshops in Pittsburgh to bring together various regional stakeholders from scientific research related communities with cyberinfrastructure or cybersecurity resources to better understand the regional capabilities; explore existing and emerging cybersecurity challenges/solutions; and devise collaboration and partnerships to enable concerted cybersecurity activities to promote the use of effective cybersecurity techniques and practices;
  2. collaboratively developing training/awareness materials based on the needs and capabilities identified in the workshops, and sharing these extensively with regional partners and beyond through various channels;
  3. establishing regional partnerships and a shared repository of cybersecurity resources/capabilities to facilitate collaborative and concerted efforts towards protecting scientific cyberinfrastructures.
The project will leverage capabilities of LERSAIS, an NSA/DHS designated CAE/CAE-R, and faculty members, University of Pittsburgh’s Computing Services and Systems Department, and local partners with an excellent track record of collaboration in cybersecurity capacity building, education and research projects, as well as that of the major cybersecurity players in PA and an established NSF CyberCorp program.