CAREER: A Trust-based Access Control Management Framework for Secure Information Sharing and Multimedia Workflows in Heterogeneous Environments


NSF-CAREER Award IIS-0545912


Project Duration

Jan 1, 2006 -  Dec 31, 2010


Project Total Amount



Principal Investigator

James B. D Joshi

Assistant Professor

School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh


Project Abstract

The goal of this research is to address the complex security, privacy and digital rights management issues related to the emerging multidomain application (EMA) environments, which are characterized by the convergence of emerging grid, P2P and mobile environments with multimedia and workflow technologies. Such EMA environments show huge potential for efficiently automating workflow processes across heterogeneous administrative domains, and for facilitating unprecedented levels of system interactions and information and resource sharing. In particular, the project takes a holistic approach to synthesizing a solution that combines (i) a comprehensive trust-based, adaptive, content and context based access control and secure interoperation framework to facilitate the interaction of constituent domains in an EMA environment, and (ii) a comprehensive framework for addressing the privacy and digital rights management issues related to sharing of multimedia data and workflows. The research will produce required theory, efficient algorithms, specification languages, negotiation protocols, and analysis and administration tools founded on sound design principles and usability considerations which will be validated in a prototype EMA environment. The results are expected to have direct and long-term impact on developing secure data and resource intensive heterogeneous application environments, and will contribute significantly to current efforts related to the protection of complex systems and infrastructures such as the national and global information grid. The research results will be incorporated into the security curriculum of the University of Pittsburgh, which has been designated a national center of academic excellence in information assurance education, and disseminated through publication venues and the project website (

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This Project Formally Expired.

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