Homework 1

(50 Points) Write an article of about 3-4 page report (11 point, New times roman, single spacing) based on the two papers listed below. You are free to choose the style of your writing - you may summarize the essential issues addressed in the two papers; be a critic of the papers highlighting/comparing the strengths and weaknesses; build on the ideas discussed there; or do a mix of these. You are encouraged to incorporate issues we have discussed in the lectures, whereever it applies. 

  1. W. Victor Maconachy, Corey D. Schou, Daniel Ragsdale and Don Welch, "A Model for Information Assurance:An Integrated Approach, " in Proceedings of the 2001 IEEE Workshop on Information Assurance and Security United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, 5-6 June, (IA_Integrated.pdf)

  2. Jan Eloff, Mariki Eloff D, "Information security management: a new paradigm," Proceedings of the 2003 annual research conference of the South African institute of computer scientists and information technologists on Enablement through technology, Pages: 130 - 136, 2003. (SecManParadigm2.pdf)

Homework is due on Sat, Jan 26, 2008, by 11:59PM