Homework 3 (100 Points)

Write an article of about 5-7 (11 point, New times roman, single spacing) pages based on the papers 1 and 2. The third paper is not required but recommended for reading. You are free to choose the style of your writing - you may summarize the essential issues addressed in the two papers; be a critic of the papers highlighting/comparing the strengths and weaknesses; build on the ideas discussed there; or do a mix of these. You may write a separate critique for the two papers, if you prefer.

  1. A. Kern, A. Schaad, J. Moffet. An Administration Concept for the Enterprise Role-Based Access Control Model (click here)

  2. E. Damiani, S Vimercati, P. Samarati. Managing Multiple and Dependable Identities (click here)
  3. (Recommended reading) Peng Liu, Amit Chetal. Trust-Based Secure Information Sharing Between Federal Government Agencies (click here)

Optional reading

  1. NIST's study on the economic impact of RBAC (click)
  2. CRA Grand Challenges in Information Security (click)

Note: The page estimates indicated are based on 11 point size font, New times roman, and single spacing.

Homework is due on Wednesday, February 16.