Lecture/Presentation Schedule

This is the presentation schedule for the doctoral seminar student presentation. Each presentation will be about 40 minutes including time for discussion. Make sure that you time your presentation well.

The current plan is that we spend first half in presentations and then spend the remaining working in project - then we will have project meetings with discussions focused on the progress of the projects.

Here is the draft schedule for the month of September.

Week Presenter Title/Topic Slides

September, 2005

Focus: Access control and Trust

Week 1

(September 1)

James Joshi Course info and General discussion

Course Information


Week 2

(September 8)

" Introduction



Week 3

(September 15)

Siqing Du Configuring Role-Based Access Control to Enforce Mandatory and Discretionary Access Control Policies slides
Saubhagya R Joshi Computational Issues in Secure Interoperation slides
Panyim Korporn  Unified Scheme for Resource Protection in automated trust Negotiation slides
Carlos Caicedo Adaptive Trust Negotiation and Access Control slides

Missed 22


Week 4

(September 29)

Siqing Du An Algebra for Composing Access Control Policies slides
Carlos Caicedo Trust-X: a Peer-to-Peer Framework for Trust Establishment slides
Panyim Korporn TrustMe: anonymous management of trust relationships in decentralized P2P systems slides
Saubhagya R Joshi The Specification and Enforcement of Authorization Constraints in Workflow Management Systems slides

Week 5

(Oct  3)


Make-up for Missed class

Siqing Du Secure Interoperation in a Multidomain Environment Employing RBAC Policies slides
Carlos Caicedo Enhancing grid security with Trust Management slides
Panyim Korporn Fine-grain Access Control for Securing Shared Resources in Computational Grids slides
Saubhagya R Joshi Towards a flexible security framework for peer-to-peer based grid computing slides

Week 6

(Oct  6)


Make-up for Missed class

Siqing Du A security architecture for computational grids slides
Carlos Caicedo Usage policy-based CPU sharing in virtual organizations slides
Panyim Korporn A Trust based Access Control Framework for P2P File-Sharing Systems slides
Saubhagya R Joshi Towards a Grid-Enabled System for Scientific Workflows slides

The remaining time will be spent in individual project to generate some publishable results. The following is the project assignments