Panel Session


Panel Title: Information Re-Use and Integration for the Public Sector 

Panelists: Chair (Gordon Lee),

               Reda Alhajj, Shu-Ching Chen, James Joshi, Gordon Lee, Stuart Rubin, Mei-Ling Shyu, Xindong Wu, Lofti Zadeh, (others TBD)

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Information re-use and integration can be applied to a multitude of areas in the civil, military, and commercial arenas. In IT, the approach has been applied to coding, frameworks, and architectures, amongst others. In the commercial sector, information re-use and integration has been successfully applied to web services, e-commerce, and VLSI design.

One area where information re-use and integration can make a major impact is in the public sector, particularly with the economic constraints that strap government support. FICOD 2009, the Foro Internacional de Contenidos Digitales[1], included a panel that addressed the possibilities of information re-use for the public sector in the European Union. In that panel, the participants acknowledged that a vast amount of information is provided to the public, including economic, geographical, weather-related, tourism-related, and social data. Further dissemination of this data is provided in many ways. Information reuse and integration can facilitate efficient construction and delivery of this data to the public.

The focus of this IEEE IRI 2010 panel is to investigate how information reuse and integration can impact the US public sector. Panelists will look at not only the technical issues but also the sociological and cultural issue that need to be addressed in order for reuse and integration to make a difference in our country. In particular, come and learn about:

  • Federal and industrial funding opportunities

  • Economic trends and solutions

  • Reuse in simulation and planning

  • Reuse in socio-cultural-political issue resolution

  • Reuse & Integration in educational reform